Vertex 360

Human Resource Management

The days of spending hours performing the hectic manual work are over. Modernize your HR and build a system that digitalizes your work and helps you get rid of your old-fashioned paperwork, reflecting your innovative approach. Manage your hiring, onboarding, employee performance management, NDIS HR compliance and HR workflows in one place. 

  • Tracking Applications Needing Immediate Attention

    The ATS efficiently monitors and identifies applications that require immediate attention. This feature ensures every candidate gets noticed, allowing for a swift and proactive response to potential hires.

  • Supervisor's Ability to Add New Applicants to the Review Pipeline

    One of the key functionalities of the ATS dashboard is its facilitation of the supervisor's role. It allows supervisors to seamlessly add new applicants to the review pipeline, streamlining the hiring process and ensuring a continuous flow of candidates through the evaluation stages.

  • Overview of Compliance in the HR Department

    The ATS does not just manage applications; it also provides a comprehensive view of compliance within the HR department. This feature aids in maintaining adherence to NDIS regulatory standards, internal policies, and industry best practices, thereby promoting a compliant and transparent hiring process.

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